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East Anglia is a part of the country with a great deal of history, some of it very old indeed. In addition to ancient archaeological sites and treasures which detail a rich Anglo-Saxon heritage, the area is blessed with many natural wonders too, such as the Norfolk Broads, Suffolk Heaths and incredible coastal locations. Amongst the old market towns is Brandon, which is situated on the border between Norfolk and Suffolk and with many of its own charms on display it is a great town in which to spend some valuable time. Brandon hotels offer the perfect accommodation to do that, as well as provide the ideal base from which to explore all the riches of the area.

The town is set amidst forestry and agriculture land of Suffolk, providing an attractive rural setting but it is perhaps the history which most draws the visitors. One of the major attractions is Grimes Graves, a Neolithic mining complex, where from 5000 years ago, it has provided flint, initially for stone tools and latterly for the striking action of muskets. Covering almost 100 acres, and with more than 400 shafts, the mines are an incredible testament to an ancient age of industry. The town's connection to armed forces did not end with muskets but continues through an RAF Airbase, a mile away at Lakenheath.

The great history of the town from the Stone Age onwards is told in detail within the Heritage Centre. Another local attraction is Brandon Brewery, which occupies a 15th century dairy building and welcomes visitors with some insights into craft brewing, offering some fine samples to enjoy in the process. Local beers will be on tap in the pubs found in town and likely in the Brandon hotels, many of which are formed from great old traditional inns.

Staying in such traditional hotel properties are the best way to get an idea of the history and culture of the place and they will have rooms and suites which evoke all the style and age of the building and town, whilst meeting all contemporary standards for first class accommodation. This will mean WiFi hot zones and digital televisions but also hospitality through in-room tea and coffee making facilities and in superb hotel bars and restaurants. Enjoy a glass of real ale with some fine company or a good hearty home-cooked meal to fuel all the activities in the area.

The aged ambience and style of traditional Brandon hotels makes them great venues too for private parties, wedding celebrations and corporate meetings. Wedding photo opportunities are provided against wonderful stone and wooden beam backdrops and there are often elegant garden spaces and courtyards too. For meetings and corporate events, this stylish setting will be enhanced with the latest technologies and support for business. Brandon hotels form very much a part of the community in the town and as well as forming a meeting place in which to enjoy some fine hospitality, many hotels hold regular evening entertainment events.

While things change over time many things stay the same and the old market town continues to hold markets every Thursday as it has done for centuries and on a Saturday too. Visitors certainly come for the markets but also for the terrific green spaces associated with the town. These include the very popular High Lodge Forest Centre, which has an adventure playground among its attractions and is a great place for a picnic. There is also Brandon Country Park, which has a beautiful lake and boundless wildlife to enjoy. Brandon hotels will have all the visitor information required for any length of stay.